Nail Bar

Relax and revitalise in a tranquil environment, whilst one of our experienced nail technicians treats your hands and feet to a rich pampering experience. If you are looking for a professional nail salon in Marylebone with a high level of service, please visit Crystal Palace for the perfect manicure or pedicure.

  • Ladies’ Manicure: without vanish £15 | with varnish £20 | French manicure £25
  • Gents' manicure: £25
  • Ladies' Pedicure: without vanish £30-£35| with varnish £35-£40 | French pedicure £40
  • Gents' Pedicure: £45




Gelish soak-off polish is a revolutionary new product: applied like a polish it lasts like a gel giving strength and flexibility to natural nails. It requires no maintenance and lasts for a minimum of 2,5 weeks (up to 6 weeks on toe nails). Gelish is a new experience in natural nail care. It is a WINNER innovative product of the year. Benefits of Gelish include: no chipping, no smudges, no peeling, no cracking, flawless shiny finish, cures in seconds, dry when you leave the salon, soaks off in 15 minutes.

  • Gelish Manicure £30
  • Gelish French Manicure £35
  • Gelish Pedicure £45 - £50
  • Gelish French Pedicure £50 - £55
  • Gelish Vanish hands £20
  • Gelish French Vanish hands £25
  • Gelish Vanish toes £30
  • Gelish Frenh Vanish toes £30
  • Take off £5


Nail extensions


This service has countless benefits: hands look attractive; extensions cover the problems that exist in the base nail; they are aesthetic and cosmetic add-ons; extensions can be designed to the occasion; they last long and they make the nails look the same length, instead of all different lengths, which can look untidy.


Gel extensions


Advantages of using Gels: no odour, no chemicals involved in the process, little buffing, ideal for those wishing to protect their own nails whilst growing them, great for weak or brittle nails.

  • UV Gel full set £35 (in-fills £25)
  • UV Gel with varnish £45
  • UV Gel with Gelish varnish £50
  • UV Gel pink & white full set £50
  • UV Gel permanent colour £40 (in-fills £30)
  • Take off £20
  • Take off + manicure £35
  • Cut down £5
  • Single nail repair £5


Paraffin wax


Paraffin wax has long been known to effectively moisturize, promote healing and decrease pain, speed healing, soothes pain in joints and muscles, moisturize skin, open pores for deeper hydration and increase blood circulation. Paraffin wax therapy is ancient, beginning with the Roman Empire. Doctors and therapists have used it ever since by applying it before a massage, to help heal wounds and more recently for arthritis, stiff joints and dry skin. It is brushed on the skin as a warm liquid wax and allowed to cool and harden. It is then peeled off. The heat from the wax is absorbed by the skin, increasing blood circulation, rejuvenating the skin and relieving sore, painful muscles or joints.

  • Paraffin wax manicure £27
  • Paraffin wax pedicure £45
  • Paraffin wax manicure &pedicure £65