Join the revolution in enhancing your beauty. Book your micropigmentation – an innovative technique in semi-permanent make up and cosmetic tattooing.

For years both women and men are looking stress and pain free ways to amplify natural beauty in a way that it is invisible. Micropigmentation is an ancient Asian practice that regained its popularity nowadays. Semi-Permanent tools and technology has evolved since then and is still evolving. Say good bye to solid blocky shapes and welcome to confidence-boosting, time efficient and enhancing your facial features brows, eyeliner and lips!


  • Powder effect £450
  • Hair Stroke Technique £480
  • Combination Brow £530



  • Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner £400
  • Winged Eyeliner £450



  • Lip Liner £400
  • Lip Liner with Shading £430
  • Full Lip Contour (3D Effect) £460


  •  Introductory price £350
  •  Introductory price £350
  •  Introductory price £430



  • Introductory price £300
  • Introductory price £350



  •  Introductory price £300
  • Introductory price £330
  • Introductory price £360


*Introductory price is available for all customers doing this service for the first time at Crystal Palace. 25% deposit required. 24h cancelation policy applies.